The Washington Emergency Management Division (EMD) is seeking representatives from companies that own/operate systems or facilities that are designated as Critical Infrastructure. These representatives are sought, alongside relevant representatives from all levels of government, to participate in a quarterly sub-committee to address infrastructure resiliency issues for the State of Washington. This sub-committee is named the Infrastructure Resilience Sub-Committee (IRSC).

The IRSC acts as an advisory committee of the Washington State Emergency Management Council (EMC) which acts as an advisory body to the Adjutant General and the Governor. Generally, the sub-committee meets to identify critical assets and hazards, and to generate planning, mitigation and/or policy suggestions. Specifically, the committee will:

  • provide content revisions for the Washington Infrastructure Protection Plan (WIPP), including sector-specific planning annexes
  • validate the Planning Strategies, Capability Targets and Desired Outcomes for infrastructure related sections of the Washington State Preparedness Report
  • provide quarterly updates, program & policy suggestions to the bi-monthly Emergency Management Council (EMC)

Interested parties should contact the EMD Critical Infrastructure Program Manager:

Tristan Allen | | 253-512-7054