On March 28, 2018, key stakeholders in Camp Murray, WA, will converge for a free P3 workshop to bolster preparedness, response, and recovery efforts hosted by the Business Emergency Management Center.

Funded by the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency, this two-day workshop provides participants with innovative techniques and integrated public-private partnership strategies to bolster preparedness, response, and recovery efforts. This event provides 1.4 CEUs for successful completion.

Register now: https://www.mil.wa.gov/training-and-exercise

(Select the link under the In-State Training Calendar, find the course and select Apply Now!)


This P3 workshop will resolve common obstacles that impede P3s:

  • Clear framework for execution
  • Shared terminologies
  • Suitable process models
  • Administering collegial lessons learned
  • Knowledge, skills, and resources needed for successful implementation

P3 Workshop Summary:

  • Funded by DHS/FEMA as essential components of emergency planning
  • Crafted to review and enhance existing P3s and create new partnerships
  • Provides tools and factors that support national P3 goals of DHS and FEMA

P3 Workshop Core Principles:

  1. Promote collaboration, coordination, and communication between public–private sectors
  2. Share information to facilitate lesson application from prior experiences

Who Should Attend: 

Leaders in business, government, and nonprofit organizations of all sizes.