WA Emergency Communications Coordination Working Group Meeting

The goal of the statewide WECCWG is to strengthen partnerships and
enhance our emergency communications preparedness, reliability
and resiliency statewide. The theme for this meeting is preparing
emergency communications for cyber threats to public safety.

Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017 7:30 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.
Location: Brockey Center at South Seattle College
Sponsor: AT&T
Theme: Cyber
Flyer (PDF)
Agenda (PDF)


  • Keynote remarks from WA State’s Emergency Management
  • Director
  • Cyber threat overview/discussion from Microsoft
  • Review/discussion of WA State’s community plan for responding to large scale cyber emergencies
  • Presentations from public and private sector on cyber emergency
  • response capabilities


  • Robert Ezelle, WA State Emergency Management Director
  • Russ McRee, Principal Security GPM, Microsoft
  • Col Gent Welsh, Chief of Staff, WA Military Department
  • David Morris, Chief Technology Officer, WA State Office of Cybersecurity
  • Special presentations from AT&T and Sprint

Visit the WECCWG Website for more information and to register


Seeking Private Sector Critical Infrastructure Owner/Operators

The Washington Emergency Management Division (EMD) is seeking representatives from companies that own/operate systems or facilities that are designated as Critical Infrastructure. These representatives are sought, alongside relevant representatives from all levels of government, to participate in a quarterly sub-committee to address infrastructure resiliency issues for the State of Washington. This sub-committee is named the Infrastructure Resilience Sub-Committee (IRSC).

The IRSC acts as an advisory committee of the Washington State Emergency Management Council (EMC) which acts as an advisory body to the Adjutant General and the Governor. Generally, the sub-committee meets to identify critical assets and hazards, and to generate planning, mitigation and/or policy suggestions. Specifically, the committee will:

  • provide content revisions for the Washington Infrastructure Protection Plan (WIPP), including sector-specific planning annexes
  • validate the Planning Strategies, Capability Targets and Desired Outcomes for infrastructure related sections of the Washington State Preparedness Report
  • provide quarterly updates, program & policy suggestions to the bi-monthly Emergency Management Council (EMC)

Interested parties should contact the EMD Critical Infrastructure Program Manager:

Tristan Allen | tristan.allen@mil.wa.gov | 253-512-7054


Webinar | Cybersecurity 101: Protecting Your Business from Cybercrime

Thursday, October 27 | 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT

Attend to find out more about the rising threat to small and midsize businesses, and the five ways you can protect yourself. In this compelling webcast, you’ll learn about:

  • New wave cybercriminals: Know what you’re up against in this brave new world of cybercrime. Learn about the different categories of cybercriminals, including the sophisticated blackhats who operate like a well-run business.
  • Crimeware kits: Learn about the different “services” cybercriminals have access to that can completely disrupt and harm your organization. 
  • Combating cybercrime: Defeating a formidable enemy requires a formidable strategy. Learn five ways SMBs can defend themselves from this insidious threat. 

Register now to see how your organization can protect itself from cybercrime. 

Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

This self-paced training exercise provides an introduction to securing information in a small business. Access training here.

Topics include:

  • Defining cybersecurity
  • Explaining the importance of securing information through best cybersecurity practices
  • Identifying types of information that should be secured
  • Identifying the types of cyber threats
  • Defining risk management
  • Listing best practices for guarding against cyber threats

Tips for Small Business Cyber Security Twitter Chat

In honor of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, join us on Tuesday, October 25 at 3:00 PM ET for a Twitter chat on cyber security for small business. In addition to helpful advice, tips, and tricks, we’ll be asking leading experts about emerging threats every small business owner needs to know about. Follow along and share your ideas using the hashtag #SBAchat.

Tuesday, October 25 | 3:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM PT

Participants include @SBAgov (Moderator), @DnBB2B, @LegalZoom, @Expensify, @DashDataInc, @Sonny_H of @BoxHQ, @Bench, @SCOREMentors, @Paychex, @Cindy_Bates of @Microsoft

A Review of Coordinated Access for Critical Personnel to Disaster Sites Webinar

Presented by  the Healthcare and Public Health Sector

Emily St. Martin Lord, MPA, Executive Director of Healthcare Ready will review the current landscape of the policies and programs that address private sector access to disaster sites in the United States through discussions of existing and potential impacts to healthcare delivery, examination of why this issue presents a challenge during response operations, review of current public sector experience with access programs, highlights of private sector reflections after prior events, and recommendations of future efforts to address this challenge. A special focus will discuss established best practices that have been developed nationwide as well as ongoing public and private efforts to facilitate additional access.

Get Tips on Protecting Your Place of Business at a Free Webinar

Hosted by SBA and Agility Recovery.

WASHINGTON – Recent attacks in office buildings and other public places by assailants armed with deadly weapons have heightened the necessity for an increased focus on security as a vital aspect of business continuity.

A crisis unfolding at or near your workplace could put your staff, customers and passersby in danger. And there are many scenarios to consider as reminders of your vulnerability to physical threats. But with careful planning and well-orchestrated drills, your office can be prepared for emergencies by knowing where and how to take shelter inside your building or evacuate efficiently, quickly, and safely.

Join Agility Recovery and the U.S. Small Business Administration Wednesday, August 10, for a live online discussion on how to develop both shelter-in place and evacuation plans. Tips will also be shared on how to conduct drills that will protect the safety of your staff, clients, and the community where you do business.

The SBA has partnered with Agility Recovery to offer business continuity strategies at its “PrepareMyBusiness” website. Visit www.preparemybusiness.org to access past webinars and to download disaster preparedness checklists.

The SBA provides disaster recovery assistance in the form of low-interest loans to homeowners, renters, private nonprofits and businesses of all sizes. To learn more, visit www.sba.gov/disaster.

WHAT:          “Creating Evacuation & Shelter-In-Place Plans”                          

A presentation followed by a question-and-answer session

WHEN:          Wednesday, August 10, 2016 — 2 to 2:30 p.m. ET

HOW:            Space is limited. Register at http://agil.me/SBAevacshelter

Great Washington ShakeOut

Here in Earthquake country, a devastating Earthquake could strike at any time; being properly prepared and knowing how to respond will help you and your community recover as quickly as possible. Please join in helping make Washington more prepared for Earthquake hazards by reaching out to your community, and increasing participation in the Great Washington Shakeout.

On October 20th, at 10:20 am, registered parties will join individuals, schools, businesses and communities all over the world in a “Drop, Cover, and Hold on,” exercise to encourage Earthquake preparedness. Washington State alone has had over one million participants in each of the past two years, joining millions in the Pacific Northwest. To help achieve greater participation, and develop a more well-prepared Washington State, we are reaching out to you, and asking for your help getting your community involved!

Great Washington ShakeOut Registration

Great Washington ShakeOut Drill Manual for Businesses

SBA Webinar: The Top 5 Risks for Business Disasters in America

Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to losses caused by natural disaster, cyberattacks, and on a smaller scale structural failure—like the unreliable sprinkler system that could possibly destroy your inventory and equipment.

One of the first steps in creating a business continuity plan involves assessing risk.  Join Agility Recovery and the U.S. Small Business Administration Tuesday, July 19, for a live online discussion on how to protect your business from the disaster threats that could cause long-term financial losses.

The SBA has partnered with Agility Recovery to offer business continuity strategies at its “PrepareMyBusiness” website. Click here to access past webinars and to download disaster preparedness checklists.

The SBA provides disaster recovery assistance in the form of low-interest loans to homeowners, renters, private nonprofits and businesses of all sizes. To learn more, click here.

WHEN: Tuesday, July 19, 2016 — 2 to 2:30 p.m. ET

HOW: Space is limited. Register here